Back To School Promotion and Lots of Catching Up

It’s that time of the year guys, BACK TO SCHOOL! Whether you’re excited, nervous, DREADING or totally unaffected by it, I think we can all agree that with the turn of the season, we need a fresh hairdo!

Book an appointment any time between now and September 15th, mention this blog post while booking, or at checkout to receive 15% off of any service you receive!


Next announcement:

It has been a while since we posted on this blog so we’ve had lots of changes in the meantime, so I’d love to introduce  one of our newest stylists (but far from new to the hair world!) as well as our new product lines.




Desseri is our amazing newest addition, she’s been with us for about 6 month now, but has been working with hair for years, she specializes with color, her favorite services to do are Bayalage’s but she is extremely talented in all other fields as well, cutting, fashion colors, styling ect.

She works Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s every week! To check out more of her work, her Instagram account is @PerdyBerdy and she uploads daily!



So although we no longer carry Bumble& Bumble, we are very excited to be carrying our new product lines that we are OBSESSED with.

Our biggest line is Oribe, they are a top of the line haircare product, with shampoo’s & conditioners for almost every use you need (blondes, moisture, volume, GENTLE, and more!) and even tons of different styling products, for different needs as well. Visit their website at to learn more about their products, or come in/give us a call if you need a recommendation.

Our next line is R+Co, they have a fun line of trendy products and some AMAZING smelling ones at that. For everything that Oribe doesn’t have, R+Co has to make a complete collection of products, for every client no matter the need! Here’s their website to learn more about their products

Finally, our product line specially designed for men is V76, their line is very complete, ranging from head hair to facial hair and even lip balms and body wash! Check them out at

Summer Hair Cocktails

Everyone  love a good cocktail on a warm summer day [ virgin or non virgin ]
Our hair love cocktails too! Here are some of our summer favorites


Bumble and Bumble :

Grooming cream + Surf Spray + City Swept

Start off with putting a little grooming cream in damp towel dried hair.

Defuse the hair or hair dry to keep most of your hairs natural texture

Spray in some surf spray once dry and scrunch the hair. This will give your hair that gritty salt water feel.

Finish it off with a mist of Cityswept


Texture Cream + pret-a-powder + Does it all

Put some texture cream in damp towel dry hair, then braid it in thick big sections

After you let it dry undo the braids and apply Pret-A-Powder at the root.

Finish it off with a light layer of does it all just to tame any fly away hairs.

For curly girls

Calming Curl Conscious cream + Surf spray + City swept

Same as the above cocktail but rather then using the grooming cream try the calming cream made for curly hair !

This will help control and provide a little more hold in your curl.

Apply to damp hair then twist in the medium size sections.

Defuse or air dry then break it up and spray in some surf spray. Finish off with Cityswept.


We just cant get enough of Bumble and Bumbles new…CITYSWEPT

CITYSWEPT is the new product by Bumble and Bumble that everyone can’t get enough of.

This finishing spray gives you just the perfect amount of grit to freshly washed hair.

Fine hair types will love the easy, lived in look with out a heavy feel.

Curly, coarse hair types will love its control, separation and anti-fluff factor.

city swept

Some hair cocktails you will love using in Cityswept:

For a more polished grunge look, apply Thickening Full Form Mousse to damp hair concentrating on the roots. After you blowdry with a round brush go through and curl your hair using a 1 inch curling iron. Spray Cirtyswept Finishing spray by lifting the hair and allowing it to fall in the mist. Then WALA!

For a city edge look spray the Thickening Hairspray on damp hair. Blowdry the hair straight and misst the Cityswept onto your hands. Massage through dry, styled hair concentrating on the underside and ends.


RAW Awards behind the scenes

In January Salon Pure hosted the green room to all the models and designers for the Fashion shows at the RAW Awards.


Stylist Cara Hartley, Jen D’Agostino and Sofia Camacho busted out some awesome styles ! Here is a look behind the scenes !

sophia style raw blog salon raw blog mid style cara blog jen raw blogg cara styling rawff jen raw blog





What: Brilliantine is a product used to add polish and a tiny bit of texture.

Who Can Use It: Brilliantine is a great product for ANYONE, male or female, who wants an unrefined look.

When To Use It: Use Brilliantine as a finish product, after your hair has dried.


Cara Hartley Did It First!



Back in December 2011, Cara Hartley came up with the idea to color her hair in a purple ombre color. Katy Perry must have been inspired by Cara and debuted a similar look for Coachella!

Salon Pure Featured In Bunker Hill Magazine


Just down the street from the newly opened New York transplant Babycakes and across the street from Cole’s French Dip, the salon is tucked in to an unassuming little storefront on Sixth Street in Downtown’s burgeoning Arts District.