Everyone  love a good cocktail on a warm summer day [ virgin or non virgin ]
Our hair love cocktails too! Here are some of our summer favorites


Bumble and Bumble :

Grooming cream + Surf Spray + City Swept

Start off with putting a little grooming cream in damp towel dried hair.

Defuse the hair or hair dry to keep most of your hairs natural texture

Spray in some surf spray once dry and scrunch the hair. This will give your hair that gritty salt water feel.

Finish it off with a mist of Cityswept


Texture Cream + pret-a-powder + Does it all

Put some texture cream in damp towel dry hair, then braid it in thick big sections

After you let it dry undo the braids and apply Pret-A-Powder at the root.

Finish it off with a light layer of does it all just to tame any fly away hairs.

For curly girls

Calming Curl Conscious cream + Surf spray + City swept

Same as the above cocktail but rather then using the grooming cream try the calming cream made for curly hair !

This will help control and provide a little more hold in your curl.

Apply to damp hair then twist in the medium size sections.

Defuse or air dry then break it up and spray in some surf spray. Finish off with Cityswept.